World War C-19

I am starting to believe that a war is going on between the old NATO loyalists and China. It's a new kind of war involving mind altering viruses. Nano and weather technology. Wokeness to destroy culture. Rigged voting machines. Psychological and even spiritual warfare. This war is designed to not affect commercial life in the same way Standard Oil wasn't affected by WW2. It's a war where the battlefield extends from human thoughts and up into outer space. Instead of bombing enemy nations it re-engineering the psychology of the population by turning a virus into a cult. Or making them hate their culture. The collaborators create lock-downs so they can't retaliate.

But here is the thing. All nations have been already defeated by China and occupational governments are already installed with the exception of Hungary, Poland, Belarus and the USA (MAGA) . These pariah states are holding out against China because their leadership understand the existential dynamics of the new kind of world war and are in a kind of psychological and cultural Stalingrad. The Tech Giants see themselves as 'off world' in this Theater of Conflict, yet will submit to the winner to avoid an actual military engagement regardless of the cost to the human race.

The likes of the Great Reset should be seen as the psycho-culture-econmic version of Hiroshima. Why nuke the West when you can train them to destroy themselves from within using everything from Greta Thunberg to Male Pregnancy.

Then you are defeated without a single shot fired. Just point to their statues and tell them they are racist.