"The motivating power, then, in all magical operations, is the trained Will of the magician. All the adjuncts of Ceremonial Magic - lights, colours, circles, triangles, perfumes - are merely aids to concentrating the Will of the magician into a blazing stream of pure energy" - Francis King

The most commonly accepted definition of the term 'magic' is: 'the application of Science and Art in conformity with Will in order to create Change within the material world'.

That is the basic concept behind what we have come to know as magic; spells, incantations, sigils, charms and other trappings of the sorcerers trade are purely optional. A magic spell can be simply a manifesto, blueprint or satire designed to create a change in the opinions and psychology of those who read or are exposed to it. Magic as a means of change is rooted in Natural Philosophy, which is how Science was generally known before the Enlightenment.

As magic is referred to as a science, in that there are specific steps and procedures which must be undertaken in order to create Change in conformity with Will (see my previous book Anvil of the Psyche for a more detailed example). Magic is also an art in that some people are more talented at magic than others. In precisely the same way some people are more talented at playing the violin than others.

Think of page of sheet music, that would be the SCIENCE, the interpretation of the sheet music by the violinist would be the ART, and the CHANGE would be the emotional and psychological effect the performance of the music would have upon the person or people listening to the concert. 

Magic can also be the creation of a material object which was previously non-existent in the material world. An architect designing a building on sheet of paper or AutoCad PC program for example, and from this the house, office block or bridge is then created. The structural and engineering expertise of the architect's design is the SCIENCE, the beauty and usefulness of the structure is the ART and the CHANGE is all the new possibilities this new building unleashes. This is also magic in the truest definition of the word.


However, if a magician is possessed with a tenacity and intent (if not psychopathic traits) beyond his or her talent or will – to specifically target the deep subconsciousness layers of the mind, both personal and collective - then the very fabric of reality can be altered. New paradigms and environments can be literally constructed in real time and at an incredible social pace by offering-up panaceas of utopian expectations and fulfilled fantasies. Entirely new versions of reality can be brought into the material world which were first created as desire/insecurities (often imposed) within the minds of willing targets. 

This is the most powerful form of sorcery of all; the conformity of the Will of others, with the Will of the magician(s). Today the magicians are mainly the Lords of Perception behind advertising agencies, political spin doctors and mainstream media.

For the individual, Magic is simply removing the shackles from your cognition and allowing your Will to break free from its cage. MORE HERE >>>



Jung and the Tarot


Within the cards of the tarot many of the analytical psychological motifs of Carl Jung’s concepts and understanding of the personality can be found, often with remarkable clarity and insight. His theories on the Self, Shadow, Extraversion, Introversion, Conscious, Unconscious, Centering, and Compensation. This also merges well within the right and left poles as indications of masculine/active or feminine/passive energies via a cognitive exploration through the right/left hemispheres of the brain.

Jung's rediscovery of the Western alchemical tradition unearthed a  previously lost canon of psychic personal self realisation which was practically identical to his theories concerning the process of Individuation as specific stages of psychic development leading to the 'rounding out' of ones personal life story. Jung put forth the idea that on one hand there is the natural process of growth which takes place in every living thing, and which occurs unconscious. This can be further augmented with consciously processed stages of inner development according to precise doctrines and practices. That being, the conscious mind monitors what is happening, and strives to manipulate the life-stream into a kind of heroic self adventure and exploration of the universal journey of the hero which resonates in all cultures through various of myth and legend.  

How to Deal with Psychic Attacks, Internet Smear Campaigns
(Black Magic Curses)


In this day and age, insecure, disturbed, hysterical and easily brainwashed people use Internet hate sites and forums to declare very real psychic attack wars of personal and viscerally toxic hatred upon people who never did them any personal harm. This is very different than criticising their work or views. 


Today, we live in a world where the Soulless Ones of the Electromagnetic Spectrum pour their (often dogmatic, or third party-acquired from a murderous psychopath) hatred in creating and sharing website, podcasts, forums and other Internet outlets in order to attack a person - often with extreme hatred - or another human being who never personally harmed them in any real or tangible manner. Their jealousy, insecurity, fanaticism, addictions-driven paranoia has only forced them into unleashing a Black Magic curse, and this curse will eventually only return back upon them 100 fold. 


Most people who are victims of Black Magic are, in fact, the same spectacular morons, useful idiots and fools who used it - often ignorantly upon others - only for the Hexan to come flying right back at them and to tear their entire existence and quality of life asunder. Yet look around the Alternative Media. There is no shortage of suicidal cursing morons wasting both their personal creative energy which they need for themselves, while guaranteeing their own destruction in attacking a person who never personally caused them any harm.


If you want a good reason never to indulge in very personal and purposely destructive Internet hate campaigns on another person, or join in with a Sheeple 2.0 gang attack upon them, that is both personal, filled with hatred and wildly overblown, then by the end of this article you will be sure you never do that shit ever again. Dying of cancer, or ending up ruined and in a psychiatric hospital is not worth this. 

Do you want avoid destroying your own creativity, happiness and social circles, and then end up being put in a box in the ground without the soul that you had dissipated with a pointless and vicious, very personal campaign upon another person? Then read on.

Before we start, let's look at what Magic actually is.



Magic is the realisation of something that was created within the consciousness and then brought into reality. For example; if someone writes a song from a tune in their head, that is a Magical act. If someone designs a machine and builds it, then that is Magic. The conforming of reality with the Will. It is all about the energy of consciousness manifesting the energy of materialism.




Black Magic would be deceiving someone and changing their consciousness in accordance with the Black Magician's own Will. Say a salesman giving a spellbinding sales pitch to make you want to buy something you do not really need or want. Or a psychopathic cult leader making you acquire their own hatred of someone they feel threatened by, and then you adopting and expressing this hatred against the other person who never did you any real harm. By doing what the psychopathic cult leader demands, you are told that you will attain some form of salvation from the doom predictions they make, and which never come to pass.


You can call yourself 'spiritual' all you want, but you are in the Dark Side at a level where it is just about as demonic as it can get. You cursed a person - on behalf of a monster who goaded you into it - and it is not going to be pretty for you when that energy comes right back home at you to roost. 



The intent of magician is crucial to understanding the outcome. Some people use the occult in entertainment to make money. For example; Lady Gaga uses huge amounts of ritual magic style techniques. Not because she is a 'Satanist', but to sell concert tickets to people with no taste. She is not using it to make them adepts in any school of magic or serve a being. She is just fooling cash out of these people. She is not in it for 'occult' reasons. She is in it for publicity and fame. There is no real harm in this. It is how most showbiz works.


Rituals are not necessary, but they can be used in charging and priming the focus of the Will. The better the magician, the less rituals he or she needs. So an Internet hate site is a crude form of ritual when you think about it.




Comedy and Satire are the most powerful forms of (Bardic) Magic that most people can use to defend themselves from nasty people and situations. This is why I became a stand-up comic. But generally it takes a very intelligent person to be a good comic and satirist. What we call 'taking the piss' on these islands is a good example of Bardic Magic, once it is not vicious and personally used to destroy an innocent person.



No Contact Ever Again is the most powerful Magical spell I have ever created, and taught others how to use, as it literally dissipates the power of pathological individuals out of your life. I have probably saved dozens of lives with this spell. It is perhaps the only aspect of my work I will ever be remembered for by a small number of people long after I am gone from this reality and forgotten about.


A smear campaign on the Internet is a curse. People who create, OR SHARE hate websites and pages about a person which are driven by hatred, addictions, cult psychosis, fanaticism and mental illness, they will all get things like cancer and leukaemia, and their lives will fall apart as they sent the curse/smear campaign against a person who never did them any personal harm in 90% of cases - or the very personal smear campaign was not equal to the initial offence. 

I am not bothered by all the infantile and clearly paranoid and shrill hate sites and videos about me as firstly, they are all bullshit made by fucked up and ridiculous people who are all clearly unwell. Such as the comet death cult's servile, weasel-like, tragically weak and completely dependent David Miscavige lookalike and act-a-like who worships his mother-in-law as a god in the future living on another star system via an ouija board (I kid you not, it's very sad and tragic for a person to end up in a situation like that). 

It also proves nothing except I am a funny bastard (it is not like I ever murdered someone with a car...), and secondly, every single person who contributed to them and shared their bizarre hate sites with real destructive intent in their hearts, will die young of diseases, suicide, become insane, their lives will fall to pieces, and be torn asunder by social isolation, addictions/poor life decisions. And what damage have they done to me with this? Nothing at all. My reputation as a researcher/investigator and popularity has grown and grown since. I have a massive mainstream audience now. Yet, I won't be the one with a black magic curse to come flying back upon me...

These hate sites also allow me to identify clandestine cult members and pathetic and pathological losers both for myself and the 10,000 people who follow me on FB can block with NCEA. I have a huge following of successful, healthy and grounded people who are neither stupid or easily led by pathetic vendettas crated and disseminated by pathetic losers who would not last five minutes behaving like that outside their psychotic safe spaces. Is it worth destroying your life for that? Black magic again motherfuckers... You willingly rolled that dice and you have to live with the absolute certain consequences when the 'snake eyes' start looking right back at you. You placed nothing less than your own soul upon the table when you crapped out.

"but...but...I created and shared hate sites against people who never did me any personal harm...how come my life is so horrible and I feel unclean and scared???"



It is very tragic for them, but they only have themselves to blame for walking on the dark side in that manner. Taking part in a very personal internet smear campaign against a person who never did you any personal harm and never attacked you to begin with is bad news for the ones doing it. VERY bad news. 


I do feel sorry for the more stupid ones who get caught up as they probably do not deserve to see their lives torn to pieces. The infamous Comet Death Cult attack on me in 2012 has resulted in many of the people who were their main players in that insane book burning fiasco now living in poverty with no friends, some having committed suicide, others are in psychiatric clinics and many have lost all their credibility, relationships and income. This will continue until they make amends. That's because I did not respond directly to their curse, I let the energy bounce right back at them. Same reason why tabloid journalists all die of cancer and/or alcoholism. Play the toxic game, you get the toxins...



You will notice that when I off-set a curse I never mention the name of the attacker. I used code names and nicknames for them and their organisations. 'Comet Death Cult', 'Yoni Poets', 'Teddy Bear Recovery Experts', 'Silver Spooned Socialist Serial False Accusers', Cambridge Militia' and so on.

NEVER fight back directly, as energy ALWAYS finds an equilibrium and NEVER, EVER start or take part in a very personal hate-filled Internet smear campaign against a person who never did you any harm or you can kiss your soul goodbye forever. 

People will see your profile photos, or notice you walking down the street with two empty orbs in your eye sockets where your soul has left the building guiding a broken auto-immune system. Their intention will warn them that you are one of the Soulless Ones they need to avoid. That will become the story of the rest of your 'life'.

Be Safe, and Don't Be An Idiot. You Gotta Own Your Own Shit and the Universe Operates by a Perfect Accounting System.