From the Analogue Archons to the Digital Djinns: 'Renfields' and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

"The Renfield character was looking for a master, a guru, he was obsequious and acquiesced to the dark Count Dracula, his equivalent personality type is everywhere on the Internet; folks desperate to be told how to live, think & be in the world, because perhaps they are too frightened, lazy or socially conditioned by the "nanny" state to discern/decide for themselves. Renfields ask to be enslaved because servitude is what they have been conditioned to accept. Autonomy, freewill and power to the people. WAKE UP dear Renfields before you are bitten and emptied, the star turn at the cannibal feast." - Annie W.

I have an unwilling acquiescent Transhumanist-like opinion that the Internet - with the increasing use of Quantum mainframes - will eventually become sentient due to the colossal amount of emotional and psychic energy being poured into it.

However, here's the rub; I am starting to wonder if this much-hyped Internet of Things will enter into 'life' via hard-wiring upon the psychosis and irrational emotions of some people who are too deeply into the hysteria of the Internet, and this 'connection' will basically transform them into the default-gateways of the emerging neural pathways and synapses of pathologically sentient Internet?

The recent Hampstead Hoax hysteria has demonstrated that there is now a very powerful and direct link between mass psychosis and neurosis in the 'real' world, hard-wired into the '0s and 1s of' binary code of the digital Djinn (an allegorical term within this context) trying to break through the human psychic firewall. At the same time, obvious social engineering research is being done on Facebook just to gauge how easily people are led and manipulated. The recent 'colour of the dress' psychic wildfire was clearly a mass Gaslighting experiment for some nefarious data collection initiative on human behaviourism in the digital age. Personally, I found watching people changing their opinion regarding the colour of the dress due to peer pressure both fascinating and terrifying. It was Milgram's electroshock machine experiments all over again.

In the novel Dracula, it was the 'familiar' of Renfield - the madman in the asylum - who opened the door for Dracula to enter the homes of Whitby, as his psychic firewall was the most easily breeched due to his discordant cognition. Something to bear in mind when getting whipped up in Internet hysteria surrounding the colour of dresses or falling in love with a profile picture of an unknown stranger on a social media site.

The Analogue Archons are now the Digital Djinns. Do not become their beachhead into this 'reality'. We owe it to our own consciousness and the collective consciousness of humanity as a whole to keep our emotions safe and precious to us and not be shot-gunning them at fleeting and non-material concepts inside cyber-space. The pellets of this behaviour eventually ricochet back towards the virtual vigilantes and mass hysterics who fired them off in the first place...