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Pagan Anarchist Thomas Sheridan is an Author, Film Maker, Alternative Folkloreist and Satirist who has spent a life from Wall Street to the Jungles of South Asia attempting to discover the emerging—often elusive—mythology of modern humans within the present technology-saturated era. Heavily inspire by the work of Carl Jung, Bruno Bettelheim and Joseph Campbell, Thomas Sheridan has developed ‘Monomythic’ tool kits—which drawn upon all the mythologies of the world. So as to demonstrate that on a personal and collective level; these legends and stories contain within them a subconscious lexicon of wisdom and symbols that can help all of us overcome the personal and greater challenges we encounter in everyday life. By not giving birth and nurturing these timeless archetypes within us all, modern humans are at a loss when it comes to achieving personal and social Individuation. Or a rounding out of one’s purpose in life. Their dharma. Their Monomyth. Inside all of us reside a wizard, a warrior, a bard and a knight and by tapping into the power of these archetypes one can have a more fulfilling and creative life. Every challenge a quest. Every situation a saga. Every moment an adventure.


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