Thoughts on the Biden Post Ballot Hysteria

Overnight I have come to the conclusion that with the Clinton-Bush NeoCons back in power and screaming for oceans of blood to supplement the sexualisation of other people's children once again, it is probably a natural order of things.

As difficult as this is deal with. Many who are dancing in the streets now will see their children and loved ones spend their last moments in some desert somewhere with only lizards and flies to keep them company at their end. The price of the Rare Earth minerals needed to make gadgets in Chinese sweat shops being the tithe of globalist necessity leading to this.

The dancing adults of today will gladly give their own children to this sacrifice. So rainbow flags can flutter in the breeze outside bio-tech office buildings on 'Take Your Transgender Baby to Work Day'.

The thing is. Is this all meant to happen? I think it is.

We are in the millstone between cycles of consciousness and how else will the flour of the new morning be extracted? It can't. The two stones must grind. The grain must be pulverized. At least some of us know not to directly take part in this Old-New Order of things. This is why we have freewill. Usher's 'Anno Lucis' applied to all - if they so wanted it. The personal choice was not only at the ballot box in some obscure county within Pennsylvania's anthracite laden hills, but also inside all of us. We don't have to be harvested if we do not want to be. There is only one letter in difference between the 'husk' on the mill floor, and a nourishing 'rusk' in the mouth of a healthy child.

We have to accept that Marxisms in all its forms - including what the Left/Liberals are today - is a kind of curse placed upon humanity for moving away from the spirit completely and towards the exclusively material. This happened during the Enlightenment - and wasn't a bad thing per se. However we walked completely away from the Romantic and into machine. We mocked the Luddites. We walked away from the Neo Platonist. We walked away from the Pagan. We walked away from from one half of ourselves and called it Modernity. Then we called it Critical Theory. Post-Moderism and now it matters not what we term it.

Caspar David Friedrich’s fog remains. For the time being.