Gaslighting Begins With Passive Aggressiveness

"You Hardly Know Me...but Are You OK Buddy? You Appear to be Having 'Issues'...Wanna Tell Me About It???"
"You stupid, dumb, fat, cake-eating whore you!!! Relax, I am only joking!"
"People are talking about you...I did not want to say this to you but..."

In 2014, I conducted an experiment on my Facebook wall in order to smoke-out pathological types and cult members who were possibly lurking on my friends list.

I announced that my career was essentially finished with the current psychopathy 'normalisation' process being undertaken by Channel 4 TV, coupled with the long term fall-out from an on-going smear campaign/psychotic witch hunt run by a comet death cult against me between Summer and Autumn 2012.

The primary purpose of this was to gather data on how the Gaslighting process begins with not so subtle Passive Aggressiveness. Underhand comments are issued in the form of confidence-destroying 'advice' which could be along the lines of "well, you only destroyed yourself..." - "well, you do have many flaws..." and so forth. Most people were aware I was 'taking the piss' (I was telling jokes about it mainly) and were giving me sincere 'chin up' responses one would expect from decent people. Others knew I was joking and good naturedly played along. Psychopaths have incredible difficulty with grasping irony and satire. They need 'canned laughter' in order to get the joke.

However, a tiny number were licking their lips assuming (delighted) I was 'finished' and these were the control subject group which I was attempting to move away from the body of decent folks. Of course, my career is nowhere near finished as more offers than ever are coming in both mainstream and alternative. My Velocity of Now radio show is wooing thousands with each broadcast and my book sales are healthy.

However, in an on-going effort to see just how many 'hidden' pathlogicals were on the FB list I put it 'out there' I was history. These kinds of social 'experiments' I have performed in the past when I suspected a malevolent pathological personality was 'in the house' and were very important to understand what drives the pathological personality and how decent folks could avoid them.

Some were sending me PMs practically dancing on my grave in the guise of 'between you and me...' platitudes. Others were similar statements from Facebook 'friends' who completely ignore all my articles, artwork, jokes and banter - but who 'revealed' when they assumed my number was up.

The experiment was designed to fire the Norepinephrine in their lower brain stems and get them to impulsively begin with the passive aggressive remarks as this would provide a valuable insight into observing how Gaslighting initially begins and how to distinguish it from what I term non-malevolent Trauma Vampires. It is morally wrong and indecent to go around looking for who is and who isn't a possible 'psychopath' - we must always give EVERYONE a chance to express their full humanity - however, at the same time we owe it to ourselves and the ones we love to recognise the possibility of Gaslighting when it may be manifesting towards us.

Early signs of infection, prevents death.