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Thomas Sheridan - 13 Tips For Parallel Living in an Insane World


in no particular order:

1: Switch off constant TV news/current events and anything bombarding your consciousness (Protects Psychic Firewall)

2: Be careful about what you let into your consciousness and observe how it makes you feel (Amplifies Nervous System)

3: Remove people/groups from your life who bring you down/making you edgy/energy vampires/drive-by gaslighters (Amplifies Nervous System)

4: Stop depending on exterior notions of salvation/embark on your own Monomyth/Hero's Journey (Creates Emotional/Psychological Well-Being)

5: Be in society, but not controlled by it completely (Improves Confidence)

6: Never try to 'wake people up' - it is none of your business to try and change them (Save Your Life Energy)

7: BE CREATIVE and use your imagination - write down your dreams seek to understand them (Makes Your Wiser)

8: Learn to do things yourself - save money. Channel that saved money into things that make you happy (Simple Pleasures good for overall health)

9: Pay careful attention to Synchronicity, but to not be obsessed with them (Makes Reality More Malleable)

10: Laugh at the absurdity of the world rather than trying to change it (Good for Emotional and Physical Health)

11: People you want in your life will be drawn to your developing charisma brought about by your more relaxed and independent nature. Enjoy yourself. (Eventually 'the big bad world' becomes an interesting movie to understand without it suffocating you)

12: Love Conditionally - the world is full of dickheads who do not deserve it (Numerous Health and Social Benefits)

13: You can only save yourself in the end.

“Here’s to the druids, the witches, and the consciousness insurgent. Here’s to the savages. The unruly, but decent-hearted mavericks who are owned by nobody and smite dogma. The aboriginals, natives, indigenous, Gypsies hordes who cause sleepless nights for the missionaries and bureaucrats. The man and woman who has had enough of the spells of disenchantment cast by the Merchants of Nonsense. The lone gunmen and women of human consciousness who have built a firewall around their psyche which no cult leader, politician or brand awareness can ever penetrate. The last Mohican who still resides in the soul of all humans.” – Thomas Sheridan


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